Wednesday, October 8, 2014


what males don’t understand is that their opinon on feminism literally means jack shit in the scheme of things like shut up this isn’t about you, go stick your dick in a blender

Friday, September 12, 2014


if males who consider themselves ‘feminists’ really do agree with feminism then they wouldn’t be so fucking surprised and offended when we ask them to be allies instead

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


i think internet activism is VERY important, and the way our generation of activists circulate information these days will be remembered as a turning point for social justice. activists are constantly battling with the media’s oppressor-favoring, white-washed portrayal of big events, and how widely accessible that biased news is. situations like Mike Brown’s death were highlighted through internet activism, where we were educated and could educate others on what is actually happening, and what has to be done. internet activism is important, so don’t let anyone belittle you for it.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

amessageinabottle said: Ew, stop generalising dd/lg like you have a clue because you clearly don't.


Why kinks are harmful.

Why ddlg needs to stop.

BDSM normalizes abuse.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


i think sometimes we forget EDs on the other spectrum - eating disorders where you are consuming too much food, or eating super unhealthy on purpose, all the time. i have used food and drink as a self harm weapon before, and i think many other people have too - but why don’t we talk about it????

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


stop glorifying white male serial killers 2k14. they rape and murder 10 women and you’re like ‘oh but how interesting is it that he was a hopeless romantic omg he’s actually attractive’

Anonymous said: See the problem with radfems are that as soon as another woman says sth against your beliefs, they are wrong. I encountered assholes, male and female. So just shut the fuck up and stop talking for every woman even though the majority of women dont share your opinion


(2) You make me so angry! Everyone who disagrees with you is wrong :’) sry dont make yourself feel too important. People like you deserve to die the world would be a better place

Not once have I implied that women share my views. You’re right, a lot don’t. The reason for why they aren’t even exposed to half of what I’m talking about is because as a woman you are fed what to do, say, believe, read, like, dislike, who to sleep with, what you should look like, how you should act. Radical feminism said outloud by men like a bad taste in their mouths. Women listen, and know they won’t be found attractive if they even dare begin reading into it.

A radical feminist is the opposite to what patriarchy tells women to be. Radical feminists are militant and unapologetic. We don’t back down when men try to overshadow us. We aren’t silenced by slurs and death threats. We are a community that links women together, and doesn’t tear them apart. We reject women hating each other like patriarchy intended, and we band together like patriarchy’s worst nightmare. We are impenetrable. 

Men hate radical feminists. 

They are scared that their mothers, sisters and girlfriends are going to begin asking questions. They’re scared that they might have to answer them. They’re scared that women may gain power. They’re scared they may lose some. They’re scared that being male won’t come with it’s superiority perks. They’re scared that women will begin treating them like they treat women. They’re scared objectifying and harming women won’t be accepted any more. 

They’re scared that they might have to change. 

Of course a lot of women don’t agree with radical feminism - because that makes them undesirable and unappealing to many men. A woman could be the most generically beautiful woman a male had ever seen, but the moment she starts talking about patriarchy, female oppression and the effects of socialisation - she will be referred to a ‘sl*t’ who deserves to die/be raped. Men use slurs and violence to put us back in our place. That’s how they have been taught. Women who even breathe the word ‘feminism’ in front of a group of males get threatened [x]

It has gotten to the point where women refer to themselves as ‘anti-feminist’ [x], and make youtube videos commenting on radical feminist blogs [x]. Of course they get celebrated by men! Woohoo, a woman who doesn’t mind being inferior to me! A woman who doesn’t rock the boat I benefit from! A woman who HATES other feminists! What a winner!

Anti-feminism is not progressive whatsoever. All during our socialisation we’re taught anti-feminist sentiments. Patriarchy slowly etches away at us, we’re given baby born toys while our brothers are given fast cars. When we’re 7, we notice our mother get’s yelled at by our father A LOT more than vice versa. When we’re 11, we’re expected to keep an immaculately clean room while our brothers’ is cleaned by our mothers. When we’re 14, boys on the school bus ask us if we’ve had sex yet while laughing between themselves and obnoxiously talking about porn and ‘hot’ women they’d like to fuck. They follow us home making kissing noises and gyrating in our direction. When we don’t respond, they talk about how ‘fat and ugly’ I am any way. When we’re 18, at a club on the dance floor men are touching us even though it’s quite certain we don’t want them to. ‘I’m a lesbian’ you say, even though you really shouldn’t need to explain why you don’t want them to touch you. ‘Well you haven’t had my dick’, they keep going, ‘it’s fine baby, can I watch?’ 

And now I’m in my 20s, being told by anonymous faces on the internet that I deserve to die for fighting for women. Do you really think I care? I’ve been told that my whole life.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


every time someone talks about getting their animals high, or a story of their friends doing it i want to punch them in the face so bad 



I just got schooled by cleverbot.


I just got schooled by cleverbot.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Anonymous said: Recently ive following a lot more radfems & getting more interested in radical feminism & i want a radfems view. What is/how do you define radical feminism?


Brief description.

History, Politics, Action of radical feminism.

Evilfeminist’s radfem/libfem contrast and definitions.