Monday, April 21, 2014


ever notice how female villains are always really sexually alluring, strong, but obviously not penetrable because they’re in control rather than men? they’re that way because it’s the antithesis of what males expect of women; pure, soft, easily manipulated, submissive. 

strong, impenetrable women who are in control are a man’s worst nightmare.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


in my country, when a woman comes forth saying she was raped by one or more professional athlete men, there’s much more concern about whether she’s telling the truth, her being a ‘gold digger’ and the future for those ‘poor young boys’ than how traumatised the woman actually would be and how HER future’s going to be affected by this experience - considering SHE is the one who was violated, attacked, harassed, abused!


As a lesbian I am not queer.
1. It’s a slur
2. It eradicates the fact that I solely am attracted to females.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


i’m kinda over teenage girls getting disrespected for pretty much everything they do. more than fully grown women, society likes to flex its entitlement over teenage girls’ bodies. they’re the most searched demographic on porn. they’re disrespected for having too much/little makeup, for trying to fit in, for being too skinny or overweight, for showing too much cleavage or not ‘taking care of themselves’. i’m so sorry ladies. teenage girls are fantasized about and then condescended, treated like a child and then expected to take the responsibility of an adult. i feel you guys, i’m here for u

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hi everyone. I hope it’s ok that I share a situation that happened to me today that completely confirms my labeling myself as a feminist. Earlier today, I commented on a facebook picture of Humans of New York, whom I follow avidly. I replied to a comment made on a particular photo by a man with quite the hilarious profile picture, and thus, I commented on the funny nature of his photo. The comment that responded to mine, (made by someone totally different) goes something like “I’ve just seen the biggest breasts on facebook”, referring to me. In the thread that followed, people either also made comments about my boobs or expressed their puzzlement as to why I wasn’t taking this “compliment” lightly. Since then, I’ve been harassed via inbox or on the thread about my body, and i feel completely lost, embarrassed that my body was called out publicly for the entire internet to see, and enraged. I thought it would be basic fucking knowledge to some to reply to the nature of the comment, and not to call out my body. I am so lost and scared. I have never been so sure of anything in my life: I AM a feminist because some-fucking-how society values exploits my body rather than hear my words and that has never been more clear to me than today. I hope that wasn’t too much to post, but I don’t know where else to turn. I am just so full of emotion. the link to the post is here:

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Anonymous asked: Hi, I was wondering your opinion... Do you dislike porn as a rule; the whole idea of it, or do you dislike the majority of porn that exists.. for obvious reasons


Porn, as a whole, is degrading and objectifying. It glorifies abuse and favours the male gaze. Lesbian porn? For men. Gay men porn? For men. Everything’s for men. Women are objects, and they would be in any kind of porn, no matter how ‘romantic’ they can make it. She’s an object men are masturbating over, her vagina is being zoomed in on by a focused camera. She’s employed for sex, for her sex to be exploited and watched by potentially billions of people. That’s not respect. The man in heterosexual porn is in not the star in the show, the woman is. People love watching the disgusting things he may do to her, or they simply love watching her being penetrated in any orifice the men can. Harder and faster the better. ANY porn is degrading and reflects how entitled men feel to a female’s body. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


all 10-18 yr old girls/women, you’re probably going through a really fucked up time being a teenager and I just want you to know you’re loved by me and ill be here for you

Men fear being a woman. They fear being penetrated…’being taken’…the symbolic and literal loss of boundaries to someone [another male] who is more powerful, [fuelling] horrible, violent, obsessive, paranoid hatred of anything hinted at [male] homosexuality…men designate their body to its seamless, phallic mastery. A. Potts. The Science/fiction of sex: Feminist deconstruction and the vocabulary of heterosex, 2002.


female celebs get shamed for ‘not being good role models to little girls’ ie. not being submissive, pure, one dimensional - YET john lennon was severely violent and homophobic, tupac was a rapist, terry richardson is a rapist and all round creep, r.kelly is a pedophile, robert downey jr. was a massive drug lord,  mike tyson is a rapist, charlie sheen is an all round fuckwit etc. BUT MODERN FEMALE CELEBRITIES DANCE IN A FUCKING CLUB AND GET A LITTLE DRUNK AND FRISKY AND NEXT MINUTE THE WORLD’S GOING TO FUCKING END BECAUSE LITTLE GIRLS LOOK UP TO THEM AND THEY’RE BEING IMPROPER LADIES

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


women can’t even think they’re beautiful without other people calling them an ‘attention seeker’, ‘up themselves’ and/or being sarcastic about their lack of modesty. FUCK MODESTY. take as many selfies as you want and walk like you DO own the joint. take up space. love yourself.